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Thinking on from my general 2016 goals post I realised that there were some specific things I want to make happen this year. So I’ve come up with a bucketlist of things I want to achieve in 2016. The main focus is to make an effort to see friends more, share experiences and make memories. Some are a little bit silly but I thought it would be fun to share!

Visit at least two new countries

Sydney Opera House - Bucketlist 2016 - LifeAfterLdn.com

I’ve been very lucky in my life to have visited some wonderful places – I’ve spent extended periods in Australia, the US, and across a number of European and Mediterranean countries. Often I go back and visit places I’ve been before (like going on multiple trips to Disneyland) or to the same country but a different city. And that’s great – becoming familiar with distant lands is awesome, but there’s places I’ve still not managed to venture to. Top of my travel bucketlist is:

  • Dublin
  • Northern Lights & Hot Springs in Iceland
  • Tokyo (but financially that’s a ways off!)

Plan an amazing London visit

London Big Ben - Night Photography - LifeAfterLdn.com

Having spent 3 years living in London I know the sort of things I enjoy and will need to try and catch a few of them each time I visit. As I have tickets for Harry Potter and The Cursed Child in December I know I’ll be visiting at least once this year and I want to make sure that the trip is really memorable. What I’d love to cover on the pre-Christmas visit is:

  • Have Afternoon Tea at Sketch.
  • Attend the annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibit at the Natural History Museum.
  • Catch a sing-a-long or quote-a-long movie at the Prince Charles Cinema.
  • Take some photos of the Christmas lights at Covent Garden, Southbank and Oxford/Regents Street (If I’m feeling brave!).

Go on a Photography Course

Event Modelling - Bucketlist 2016 - LifeAfterLdn.com

As I mentioned before I’d like to take a Studio photography course at some point. I did a lot of photography and videography favours for people during my Event Management HND and for theatre events once I moved to London. I think it would be really beneficial for me to get some professional insight into the medium, as I’ve been winging it for over a decade now!

Visit three more Cat Cafes

Sphynx Kitten - Bucketlist 2016 - LifeAfterLdn.com

We all know how much I love my local, the fabulous Maison De Moggy in Edinburgh, but I’m always keen to see what else is out there. I had an amazing time at the TOT Cat Cafe in Toronto, and Lady Dinah’s in London used to be pretty great too.  There’s a couple in Newcastle I’d like to visit – Mog on the Tyne and Catpawcino, and have heard really wonderful things about London Cat Village too. Who knows where other new Cat Cafes will pop up in 2016!

Appreciate Scotland more

Loch Ness - LifeAfterLdn.com

Sometimes we get so caught up in wanting to escape half way around the world that we don’t take time to appreciate all the wonders on our doorstop. This year I’d like to enjoy more of the magical sights of Scotland, including…

  • Visit Edinburgh Castle (believe it or not I’ve never been).
  • Do some night photography in the major cities.
  • Take in some shows at Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August.
  • Visit some beaches in the summer – even if they aren’t very warm!

Have you ever created a bucketlist? How did you get on in ticking things off? Do you have a bucketlist for this year, and if so what’s on it?

Written by Shiona