It’s 2016 – we’re more than half way through this decade. That’s insane! 2015 was a very interesting year, but now it’s time to look to the future.

I’m not really one for New Years resolutions, the pressure of setting measurable objectives fills me with dread – especially if I fail to meet them. Set a goal to lose 3lbs and suddenly I’ll have gained 6! That’s not smart for me, but I appreciate a lot of people do make comprehensive resolutions and of course I want to be supportive. I will always encourage people to hit their goals, realise their potential and most importantly of all BE HAPPY.

So while I’m not going to set myself fixed objectives I do want to at least acknowledge that I need to make some changes to make myself happier.  Here’s my little list of key areas to that I need to work on both in life and for my blog.  Fingers crossed I can follow my own advice to be a happier person in 2016.

 Life improvement goals 2016 -

  • Read more  – whether it’s blogs, magazines, fiction or newspapers. Turn off Netflix every once in a while and fall into a new story. You’ve got a pile of books on the desk – read ’em already!
  • Go to bed at a reasonable hour more often – maybe just don’t stay up to 2am every night. If you feel sleepy at 9pm turn off the screens and get some zzzs.
  • Get back out there and start shooting gigs again.  It’s been a while and you’re probably rusty, but you loved it so much, so get back to it – takeashot are willing to give you a shot. Take it.

Frank Iero at Hit The Deck Festival 2015

  • Eat better when you can – we like cake, we looooove chocolate, and cheese? Don’t even get me started. But try to think a little more about what you’re putting into your mouth. Decline something if you aren’t craving it. Listen to your stomach. It’ll thank you.
  • Be more active. You’ve been so good at recording everything on that little Fitbit thing and you know where you need to improve. If you feel like taking a walk go take a damn walk. Don’t spend an hour debating it. Just do it.
  • Take better photos. You managed to take way more photos in 2015 and that was great, you got to know your dSLR better and worked more with prime lenses. The next step is to think more about your composition and lighting! Read more tutorials and watch more videos. Keep learning! Take that Studio Course at CoG if the dates work for you.
Glasgow - Night Photography - Squinty Bridge -

Glasgow’s Squinty Bridge

  • See friends more. Make the time. There’s always more time than you think there is. Make plans and actually show up for them. Don’t let your anxiety get in the way. It doesn’t have to be for some expensive outing, just go grab a coffee and spend some time having actual human interaction. It’s good for you.

Blogging goals 2016 -

Now for the blog. I didn’t want to set fixed targets here either, because I think it’s quite dependant on when I get a new job and what field it’s in. But obviously I want to stick with my #musicmonday roundups and any travel adventures I embark on throughout 2016.

  • Write more. Don’t worry if it’s terrible. You’ll get better in time. Don’t try to be something you aren’t. Learn from the other bloggers and wonderful people around you and find your own voice.
  • Engage with people. Make friends. Maybe find a mentor. Engage more on blogs, comment on posts or tweet to tell people you enjoyed their posts. Facebook ‘likes’ made us so lazy, these amazing people took the time to write something. If you got something out of it take the time to respond.
  • Accept that you can’t be amazing at everything all at once. You can’t kill it on every social network. You’ll go crazy. This sort of thing takes time – and you’re not doing it for anyone but yourself, so what does it really matter if you have a hundred  readers or a thousand? Please don’t forget that.
Social Media Icons -

It’s important not to get too caught up on ‘the stats’

  • Remember why you named the blog LifeAfterLdn. Appreciate what you had for those three years in the Big Smoke. Remember the good, forget about the bad. Share your positive memories and all the things that helped you grow as a person. Don’t resent the things that didn’t work out. It’s done now. Get excited for the new, the unknown. Share the little adventures that help you find yourself again after the London bubble.
London Eye - Night Photography -

London Eye

Have you set yourself any goals or resolutions? What are your hopes for 2016, both personally and for your blog? I’d love to hear all about it!

Written by Shiona