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Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.

Ferris Bueller was pretty smart for a fictional teen in the 80s. It seems I’m constantly making remarks like ‘How is it March? How is it April? How is it May?’ My bigger query is ‘How is it 2016?’ I distinctly remember it being 2008 just yesterday. Where has my life gone?

*There’s a tiny chance I’m having a re-run of my quarter-life crisis. Bear with me*

I’ve always been full of wild ideas and the best intentions. Unfortunately it seems that life is pretty good at sending me all on a bunch of wild diversions lately.

Remember how I made that bucketlist for 2016? Haven’t actually managed to achieve anything from it yet. And now it’s May! How did it get to the fifth month of the year? Did I miss my two favourite memes when I wasn’t looking?

LifeAfterLdn- It's May

I digress. In fairness though, I’ve actually been quite busy…

I started my new job

Foyer of Citizens Theatre - LifeAfterLdn

I’m seven (eight?) weeks into my new role at the Citizens Theatre in Glasgow. With the exception of a few of technical hiccups in the first couple of weeks it’s been going really well! It’s very different to my time in Theatreland in London, but that feels like a good thing right now. The downside is that my commute is getting a bit tiresome. If anyone has any recommendations of books or podcasts (like Serial or Undisclosed?) to pass the time I’m all ears.

I’m also really missing my musicals (so much so that I’ve been listening to Assassins on repeat for three days). I may have accidentally spent a small fortune on tickets to the likes of American Idiot, Guys & Dolls and Little Shop of Horrors over the next six months.

The shows I’ve caught so far at the Citz have been pretty flippin great though…

Caught an epic trilogy of plays

This Restless House @ the Citz -

So full disclosure: This is really just me wittering on about a show in a theatre I work in right now, BUT I really enjoyed it and wouldn’t be talking about it at all if I didn’t.

This Restless House is – wait for it – a trilogy of plays…presented in two instalments. It’s a new trilogy by Zinnie Harris, and is a contemporary retelling of Aeschylus’ The Oresteia. I caught the dress rehearsal of the Almedia’s Oresteia when it transferred to Trafalgar Studios and oh boy was it long. Like three hours long. It didn’t help that I then went straight over to the Barbican to catch Cumberbatch’s Hamlet that evening. Too many family murders for one day me thinks!

Anyway, Zinnie’s new adaptation is a little more digestible: you can either catch the whole thing in one day (with plenty of sensible loo and tea breaks) or you can break it down and watch it over two evenings. Having gone to a couple of nights with friends as well as seeing the full day it definitely feels like more of an experience when you watch everything back to back. As you can see above it got some pretty awesome reviews, and to be honest I don’t remember seeing drama that powerful while working in London.

Celebrated yet another Cat birthday at Maison De Moggy

Fabian - Maison De Moggy - Cat Cafe -

What a suprise: Shiona goes to Maison De Moggy and takes another hundred photos of cats.

I just really love cats, okay?

Especially these beautiful furrbabies. It’s been weird going from seeing them a couple of times a week to only once or twice a month. I’m never really sure if they remember me much, but then Elodie will spent a good twenty minutes on my shoulder, or Alain will play ‘pawball’ with balled up bits of paper with me, or Jacques will have some weird moment of affection and let me give him chin rubs.

Fabian - Maison De Moggy - Cat Cafe -

So the little lion man aka Fabian aka Fabianoooo aka Fabs turned one at the end of April. Perfect time to go in and see the kittys and eat cat and watch them eat cake. Special cat cake obviously. After the sing-song Fabs didn’t seem too sure about his special cake, but once Elodie got a whiff of it he was suddenly a little more interested…

Fabian & Elodie - Maison De Moggy - Cat Cafe -

It’s Elodie’s first birthday next week, so her party will undoubtedly be a riot. She get’s excited enough about everyone else’s cake, so I suppose it’s about time she gets one of her own.


Some context…

You might not know, but I’m a giant Marvel nerd. One time I sold my tickets to a Paramore/NFG show to go see Iron Man and after that I was hooked. Having always been a fan of RDJ it was no surprise really. Over the years my fangirling spiraled out of control and while living in London I hung out at the Premier of Iron Man 3 for ten hours just to meet RDJ. But hey, it was totally worth it.

Robert Downey Jr - Iron Man 3 - LifeAfterLdn.comIf I look like I was crying it’s probably because I was.

Things really got out of control when I found myself actually attending the premieres. Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier plus a handful of previews like The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy. I was a hella spoiled fangirl.

On the Red Carpet at Thor The Dark World & Captain America The Winter Soldier -

Now that I’m back in Scotland it felt really weird to wait four days post general release before going to see Captain America: Civil War. But a long time ago a friend and I made a promise we would see it together – so after a slightly wild drive to Perth we did!

Civil War -


I mean, really it’s just an hour of Steve going ‘Bucky no. Don’t do the thing and Bucky doing it. Followed by an hour of Steve pleading ‘Tony no. Don’t do the thing’ and Tony doing it. Or, at least, trying to.

The ensemble was so huge that it kind of felt like it was just an Avengers movie more than a Cap one, but I guess that was what the Russo brothers wanted?

It’ll be good to do a rewatch soon and pick up on anything I missed the first time around.


How’s everyone else’s life going? Any new exciting developments? Or a nice period of calm? Feels like I’ve been away for so long I hardly know what’s going on in the blogging world lately.

Written by Shiona