#MusicMonday Roundup - February

This month’s MusicMonday is all about my most recent concert photography adventures – and sadly there haven’t been nearly as many of those as I’d have liked! Some of these photos are from last year, but hopefully now I’m working with the fabulous team at takeashot.lv I’ll be shooting more stuff that I can share with you all there as well.

As always you can catch my week-by-week  MusicMonday posts by following on Instagram, but for now here’s the February roundup…

Mike Kerr, Royal Blood at Brixton Academy, London, 2015

Mike Kerr - Royal Blood - LifeAfterLdn.com

Royal Blood were already huge in the UK by the time I got the pleasure of seeing them play, and this was a last minute cover for the fab folks over at DIY. I was really nervous to shoot something so grand because I knew the pitt would be full of…shall we say, imposing characters. And I was totally right, and that was nerve wracking, but at the end of the day I went in, did my best work and came away with some photos that I was really proud of.

Ace Enders, The Early November at Hit The Deck Festival, 2015

Ace Enders - The Early November - LifeAfterLdn.com

Shooting The Early November is always a wonderful experience – when you get to photograph a band you’ve loved since the early 2000s it makes the experience even better. They closed out the night in the Basement of Nottingham’s Rock City and while there may have only been around 200 people watching it was 200 dedicated passionate people that loved every second of their 45 minute set.

Anto Boros, The Swellers at Hit The Deck Festival, 2015

Anto Boros - The Swellers - LifeAfterLdn.com

This was a really sad set for a lot of people as The Swellers were on their farewell tour and knowing you’re never going to see a band again is really heartbreaking. That didn’t deter them from putting on an exceptionally energetic set though, and you can probably tell from the photo! Pop punk at it’s finest.

You can view the rest of the Hit The Deck 2015 series over on Indulge-Sound.com

Nicholas Petricca, Walk The Moon at Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh, 2016

MusicMonday - Nicholas Petricca - Walk The Moon - LifeAfterLdn.com

I was worried I’d be a little rusty having not shot a show in nearly a year, but it went better than I’d hoped! It’s always so much easier to shoot a band when you’re a fan and are familiar with the songs because you can anticipate what’s going to happen on stage far more easily than going in blind. I’m pretty proud of this set I did for takeashot.lv and you can check the rest of them out over there.

Dallas Green, City & Colour at Glasgow’s Academy, 2016

Dallas Green - City and Colour - LifeAfterLdn.com

I’ve been waiting for a chance to shoot City and Colour for years – thing’s just never worked out until now and I’m really thankful to both their PR and takeashot for this opportunity. In truth the lights during their set were really weird (from a photographers perspective – they looked incredible from the back of the Academy!) and I came out of that packed pitt feeling pretty negative about the shots I’d managed to get. I’m my biggest critic, but once I started editing I realised I’d done far better than expected. Full set of snaps from last weeks concert is available over at takeashot.lv.

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Written by Shiona