Stargazing in Inverness -

Somehow we’re already halfway through January. We’re 1/24th of the way through 2016. That’s ridiculous.

I’ve been a bit rubbish at keeping up with things this past week, that’s mostly due to the following:

  • Cats. I love them, but my constant trips to Maison De Moggy mean I’m always snuggling cats, taking photos of cats, editing photos of cats, or planning to go back and see said cats. It’s a dangerous cycle, but once I get back to working full time I’m going to have to go on a cat-detox so I should probably make the most of it while I can. Plus they’re just so darn cute. Look at them!
    Maison De Moggy - Cat Cafe -
  • Panic! At The Disco. I’ve listened to Death of a Bachelor four times today and I utterly adore it. I’ve got a lot of time for Brendon Urie’s dulcet tones. Hopefully he’ll do a UK tour this year. I’d love to get to photograph him again, it’s been a while.
    Brendon Urie -
  • I went on a wee holiday to Inverness! As I’ve mentioned before I want to try and appreciate this beautiful country I live in a little bit more in 2016. So I froze for three and a half hours on a grotty scotrail train to make the trip up to the ‘Ness to see my lovely friend Jen and get some country air! Of course this means my phone was constantly going from no service to 3G to GPRS to E. That’s not really terrible though because getting off ones phone and living in the moment is always a good thing. But afterwards it leaves you with an awful lot to catch up on :/

Anyway, Inverness was gorgeous albeit a bit on the chilly side! We went for a bunch of lovely walks (although one to the Cat’s Back was called off on account of all the icy patches) and I spent a lot of time staring at the sky like an absolute idiot, because c’mon, look at those stars:

Inverness Stars -

I’m such a sucker for the stars. When you live somewhere with so much light pollution you forget just how many stars are up there – it’s incredible! I wish I’d taken a proper tripod rather than my little table top one but I suppose these came out alright really. Hopefully in Summer I’ll get some more pictures and won’t have to wear multiple layers of thermals to do it.

Inverness Stars -

We rounded off my wee visit with a trip to Scotch & Rye, an awesome bar/restaurant on Queensgate. Everything was delicious – the sides were plentiful (I can’t remember the last time I saw a side bowl of sweet potato fries that was so big) and I devoured a life-changing swiss, cheddar and mushroom quesadilla that came with some mighty fine guac.

Inverness - Scotch & Rye -

The bar boasts a whole bunch of delightful looking cocktails that I’ll definitely need to sample (along with the Sunday Brunch!) the next time I’m up in Inverness.

Did you get up to anything exciting this weekend, or perhaps began arranging an exciting trip in the near future?

Written by Shiona