The Cat in the Window -

Oh hey blog. It’s been a while. There’s a lot to update on..but more on all those things soon. This post is all about how I’ve finally ticked something off my Bucket List! Today I went to Aberdeen to visit The Cat in the Window Cafe. This, along with with Mog on the Tyne and London Cat Village (I still need to blog about this!) means I’ve visited a whopping three new Cat Cafes this year!

Arriving at The Cat in the Window Cafe

We got a lovely surprise on arrival as we were told that no-one else had booked in for our first hour. This meant we had lots of one-on-one time with the furrbabies: playing games, taking photos and just generally looking around the cafe without falling over anyone else!

The Cat in the Window -

The decor is beautiful – lots of rose gold and dusty pink with branches and so many comfy couches and chairs and bean bags covered in soft and fluffy throws to collapse on – it was hard to pick a spot!

The Food & Drinks

The triple chocolate cake was SUBLIME. Rich, fudgy frosting with a lovely light chocolate sponge. It wasn’t too sweet or sickly. I paired this with a delicious cinnamon latte. Boy did the staff at The Cat in the Window know how to make an excellent latte! Sweet and foamy and not too hot. Yum!

The Cat in the Window -

As you can see the mugs were super adorable and had I not already stocked up on a bunch for my new flat I’d have picked a few of these beauties up!

The kitties

Romeo & Drago

Romeo - The Cat in the Window - Cat Cafe -

Romeo - The Cat in the Window - Cat Cafe -

Drago - The Cat in the Window - Cat Cafe -

Drago - The Cat in the Window - Cat Cafe -

I found out a few weeks ago that the breeder I’m getting my kittens from provided two of the floofs that live at The Cat in the Window.  Both Romeo and Drago are Asian Smokes and are so beautiful*! Romeo was hiding for much of the two hours we were there, but near the end of the second session he graced us with his precence and allowed me to take a few photos. Drago is the baby of the cafe, and while he might look like a black cat, brush back that fur and you discover that he’s really quite silver which is why he looks so different from one picture to the next!

*I mean, all the cats are beautiful obviously: I’m equal opportunities when it comes to cats.


Mickey - The Cat in the Window - Cat Cafe -

Mickey - The Cat in the Window - Cat Cafe -

This chap is Mickey. He loves a good play session with fluffy toys and also likes to sprawl out on the floor and get chin scratches.


Zeus - The Cat in the Window - Cat Cafe -

Zeus is the man in charge. I was kind of surprised to see a Ragdoll calling the shots but he was quite the charmer and I can see how he purrsades the other cats to fall in line.


Theodore - The Cat in the Window - Cat Cafe -

Then there’s the lovely Theodore – a really precious Scottish fold that always looks super worried! He seemed to like hunting for flies and chilling at the window – which makes total sense considering the name of the cafe!


Pancake - The Cat in the Window - Cat Cafe -

Pancake has the most stunning amber eyes I’ve ever laid eyes on. She also looked like a grumpy old lady who wouldn’t take anyone’s nonsense so I feel like we got on pretty well.

Sadly I didn’t manage to get any photos of Napoleon, Boo or Lady Primrose – I guess I’ll just have to go back…

All in all it was a really lovely afternoon hanging out with some fantastic cats and it was really exciting to tick something off my bucket list. While I’ll have my own two wee balls of fluff in a few weeks time it’s not going to stop me from returning to visit The Cat in the Window Cafe in the future!

Written by Shiona