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There’s been murmurs in the blogger-sphere over the past couple of weeks – lots of people are reflecting on whether or not they blog about the right things and whether their peers will accept them if they choose a cup of tea over an artisan roast.

It’s got me wondering: Where do I fit in? Should I care about success? Is drinking hot beverages really that important?

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Maybe these concerns – for me personally at least –  have more to do with the fact I’ve hit a  bit of slump both in terms of channel growth and with content creation. I have ten or so blogs sitting in my drafts half developed. Unfortunately I don’t feel driven to spend a lot of time working on them. I just don’t feel good enough. I’ll muddle through and get past that eventually I’m sure.

I’m not a beauty or fashion blogger. I don’t review products. I’m not even sure it’s lifestyle blogging either – life experience feels more accurate. I haven’t met any other bloggers IRL and I probably won’t be invited to any bloggers events prior to TheGirlGang meet in August. And do you know what? That’s totally okay.

From the outside blogging is seen as something easy and something people get into to try and make money. It’s definitely not easy – how some of you write and schedule posts for every single day, along with planning and implementing photoshoots, getting the advertising done, promoting it across multiple platforms…it’s insane. And I applaud you for it. I certainly couldn’t do it – I’m lucky if I can knock two blogs out a month! For me, blogging is really just a way to keep on top of content marketing trends and developments in an enjoyable and creative way.

I’ve blogged for the best part of the past decade – not as an individual, but as a collective. I’ve run music websites since around 2008 – CtrlAltRock (2010-2012) was probably the most successful in terms of it’s viewing figures (500K+) and the size and prestige of some of the music events that we managed to cover.

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Running these sites taught me everything that got me my first proper job (way more than Uni ever did!)  For years I’ve poured time and energy into these sort of projects and when they’ve come to an end it’s meant starting from scratch all over again. So I guess that was part of the reason for starting this blog – having something that was all of my own.

It’s been fascinating these past, four-ish months since I started LifeAfterLdn – getting involved in lots of chats on twitter – getting to know lots of very different bloggers, some successful and established, some just starting out, some that have been doing it for forever who aren’t necessarily trying to go anywhere with it…it’s important to remember that everyone has a different reason for being here and one is not more important or valid than the others. At the end of the day I blog for myself. A lot of bloggers are the same. Some blog to build an empire – and that’s amazing and I wish them well. Some blog to get experience, others use it as a portfolio, some want to spread awareness about important issues in the world.

In the end I don’t think it really matters if I fit in – that isn’t really my goal with my blog. I will admit though any friends I make along the way are a definite bonus!

We all need to stop worrying. It’s not a competition. Do it because you enjoy it. There’s no point stressing over something that should be fun. Don’t you agree?

Written by Shiona